XIAOMI PMA Graphene Smart Pillow Sleep Aid App Sleep Tracking Infrared Heating with Bone Conduction for Neck Head Health Care

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Brand: PMA XIAOMI Ecological Chain Brand
Model: U10
Color: Grey
Sound transmission: Bone conduction
Rated voltage: 5V
Input parameters: DC5V, 2A
Size: 59cm*30cm*11.5cm
Weight: 1200g
Use scenario: Sleep, Take a break
APP Language: Global Language


* Three-dimensional package design to relieve fatigue
— The classic grooved design ,evenly release the neck pressure, so that your sleep is comfortable.
* Infrared deep heat, improve cervical problems
–The end of the neck of the product is a graphene heating area. After the power is applied, the warm far-infrared heating surrounds the neck, and the heat is applied slowly to relieve neck fatigue and release body pressure.
* Graphene technology honeycomb type uniform heating
— Graphene has good thermal conductivity. The internal structure of graphene is honeycomb-shaped. After power-on, the heat is evenly distributed, the temperature of the heat is evenly distributed, and it does not burn and feel the warmth of affinity.
* APP smart monitoring
— Built-in intelligent module to help you record the sleep, monitor the depth of sleep, breathing and turning times, deep sleep time and other data, let you customize the plan to improve sleep. At the same time, the smart alarm clock can be preset to wake you up within the specified time.
* Bone conduction in the pillow, gently swaying emotions
— Bone conduction spreads sleepless audio, no need for headphones, bid farewell to earache, swelling and other problems caused by wearing headphones for a long time. Putting a low-volume volume to keep a quiet sleep environment will not affect others.

1. Connect the power cord to fit the universal USB interface
2. Turn on the phone blue tooth, search for sleep aid blue tooth and connect
3. Download APP registration and activate, open APP to play music
4. Long press the temperature to open the key for 3 seconds to start, automatically enter the middle temperature gear
5. Short press the temperature to open the key to adjust the temperature
       High temperature 48°C-52°C   Medium temperature   42°C-48°C Low temperature 38°C-42°C
6. Long press on the key power to turn off the heat, does not affect the normal use of blue tooth and APP
7. View sleep monitoring data the next day

1. This product is suitable for people over 12 years old
2. The product can only be connected to one mobile phone at the same time. If you need to replace it, please close the other device connection.
3. Please keep the port, plug and other parts dry.
4. It is forbidden to force the extrusion to avoid affecting the normal use of the product.
5. When cleaning, the pillowcase can be removed and cleaned. Please keep the pillow clean.

Package Included:
1 x Graphene Neck Smart Sleep Aid Pillow

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