HILDA BG6300 Mini Precision Milling Machine Worktable Multifunction Drill Vise Fixture Working Table

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MINIQ BG6300 Miniature Precision Multifunction Milling Machine Bench Drill Vise Fixture Worktable Mini Multifunction Table

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There Are No English Instructions Included In This Kit. Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended!

Model: BG6300

Table size: 300 * 90mm
X -axis travel: 200mm
Y-axis travel: 50mm
X Y-axis scale adjustment:
1 circle = 1.25mm
A subdivision marks= 0.05mm
The lead screws are M8X1.25
The table is suitable for Mini Drill and drill bracket series. 
It can also apply to other suitable machine. 
The work table is composed of several adjustable dovetail slotaluminum alloy composition, can guarantee the minimumspace and ensure the accuracy. 
The working table with three T shaped groove, standard size is 15x8x6mm. 
Scale is in front of the movable positioning.
Zero adjustment handwheel rotates a circle of 1.25mm. A lattice is equal to 0.05mm. 
The X axis Y axis distance is 200mm, the stroke is 50mm. 
Working table size is 310x90mm and the height of 76mm, including two working clamp.
Package Included:
1x Mini Multifunction Table
More Details:
English Manual:


Dear Customer: Hello!
First of all thank you for purchasing the company's products, hoping to give you the work and life to bring greater convenience and endless fun! Before using the technology, please be sure to read this manual in detail, you must follow the instructions in the instructions required for safe operation.
The multi-purpose table with bench drill can be used as a milling machine to achieve high precision coordinate drilling and small milling.
When using this table, be sure to follow the appropriate safety practices for bench drills and milling machines, and keep in mind that the coordinate table is a sophisticated, miniature, easily damaged tool, so be sure to keep your care , And do the necessary protective measures to ensure the use of safety. please


Mini Multifunction Workbench User's Manual
Technical Data 
Model BG-6300
Worktable Size 310×90
X-Axis Travel 200… 
Y-Axis Stroke 50…
Rotation Knob One-way stroke 1,25 1.5…
Clamping groove pitch 34…

 Note: The above data unit is mm Please check the product packaging is intact, open the package, the mini multi-purpose table placed on the flat table (according to (Figure 1) first familiar with the important components of the table (6300 example).

Figure 1 
Workbench End Cover 
Adjustment Screw 
Activity Table 
Base Plate 
End Cover 


Warning: Please do not overload the use, or prone to deformation, broken and other damage and dangerous accidents!
[Installation] 1. Installation of the fixed table The multi-purpose table for the use of small drill and drill stand design, the base with a screw mounting slot, just use the M8 screw nut can be fixed with the bench drill or drill bracket base. 

1, set the scale on the hand wheel on the scale circle is rotatable, can be set to "0" bit to facilitate viewing, calculate the feed, in addition to the table is also equipped with a movable scale to adjust the axis.
2, adjust the guide clearance C6300 / 6330 models) before or after the initial use of long-term use, you must first check the gap between the dovetail and guide rails, if the multi-function table rail clearance is too large or too small, you need to adjust the screw (26), and then adjust the adjustment screw (27) to set the gap, and finally re-lock the nut.
Note: adjust the screw do not twist too tight, otherwise the gap is too small, moving resistance, and even damage the guide: too loose gap, will produce swing, the impact of precision
3, timely lubrication and cleaning 6350 linear guide and linear bearings need Timely add lubricants, rails and screw to be cleaned in time.
4, the speed and processing of the processing of different materials of the workpiece should be different feeding speed and processing capacity.
Overloading or excessive force is likely to cause damage to the workpiece, tool, and bench or table.


5, clamping the workpiece 6300: accessories with a punch of plywood, by adjusting the height of the top of the screw and the nut under the tightening of the nut to clamp the workpiece.
(Figure 2) 6330,6350: Annex with a set of fine pliers, clamping the workpiece see (Figure 3) Figure 2 Figure 3 [different models of the characteristics and recommendations] BG-6300 basic multi-function table, Affordable, suitable for general use.
BG-6330 boutique multi-function table on the basis of BG-6300 new improved research and development products, the end cap to a more solid aluminum alloy material: to increase the flat bearing rotation more flexible; base and active pedestals are strengthened rigid structure:
Thick screw specifications; can be used for higher requirements. BG-6350 heavy duty multi-function table, in addition to suitable for DIY use, but also competent for the production line on the use of the requirements:

Special Recommendation: BG-6350 with auxiliary motor bracket components, with the company's BG-3306 woodworking lathe Combined into a set of Buddha beads machine, Buddha beads of the production effect is very good!

1 Capping cap
2 hexagonal locking nut M10
3 flat bearings
4 crosshead head tapping screw M4x 16
5 work plate end cover
6 workbench
7 scale
8 screw nuts
9 Upper Adjustment Plate
10 activity stand
11 lower adjustment plate
12 short screw
13 screw bushing
14 scale ring
15 cylindrical pin
16 hand wheel
17 handle
18 base
19 base table
20 lower telescopic protective cover 
21 under retractable cover
22 base plate end cap
23 cross plate head Screw M3x6
24 spring pad
25 cross plate head screw M5x16
26 hex nut M14
27 Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw M4x12
28 long screw

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